Feb 4, 2016

Impromptu Outing: Sunrise - Long Exposure Photography

I apologize for short notice however that is the definition of "Impromptu" after all!

If you are interested try your hand making long exposure images, I am planning to photograph the Horseshoe Falls / Niagara Falls (Canadian side) this Saturday morning (Feb. 6). Sunrise is scheduled for 7:28 am however to attempt to capture the best light I plan to be setup to start working at 6:30 which is just after Nautical Twilight starts (6:28 am). The best light should be through to Twilight which is scheduled for 6:58 am. These events happen fast so we will work quickly through to when the sun rises above the horizon.

In terms of gear in addition to your camera as a minimum you will need a tripod and a remote cable release. While its not absolutely necessary, Neutral Density (3, 6, 10 Stop) and/or Graduated Neutral Density filters will be beneficial to extend the exposure time. If you don't have ND/GND filters, a circular polarizer will extend normal exposure times.

The weather is expected to ideal for a colourful scene. Dress warm and in layers so that you are comfortable.

Any and all are welcome to join me. I expect to be in the Table Rock / Horseshoe Falls area by 6:15 am and look forward to having some company. There are plenty of other opportunities in the area to photograph after the sun rises.

I’d appreciate an email if you are planning to join me.

Dave Lindey


Feb 1, 2016

Butterfly Conservatory Outing

We have arranged a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory for Saturday Mar. 5, 2016. As in the past, we have been granted exclusive access to the facility from 8:00 am until 10:00 am. During this time we can use our tripods. At 10:00 am the Conservatory opens to the general public and they ask that we put our tripods away. An added bonus is that we are welcome to spend the day at the conservatory after it is opened to the general public.

I have extended an invitation to members of the Pt. Colborne and St. Catharines Camera Clubs because we are committed to have a minimum of 20 participants. If you are interested please send me an email with your intentions. I will also post a sign-up sheet at the next club meeting on Feb. 10, 2016.

The cost is $15 per person. Also please be reminded that you cannot enter images of the species in the Nature Category however they are more than welcome to be used in any of the open or special competition categories.

We will meet in behind the main conservatory parking area which is designated as the Buses and Overflow Parking Area at 7:45 am SHARP. Once inside we can store our gear and winter clothing is an area provided for our use by the Conservatory.

The Conservatory is very humid so you should talk a few precautions to prevent your lenses from fogging. Limit the amount of time that your camera bag is in the cold. Keep it sheltered in your warm vehicle for as long as possible before entering the building. It is good practice to wrap or pack your lenses and camera body in zip lock plastic bags before putting them in your camera bag. When you get inside of the conservatory, open your camera bag but do not remove the camera or lenses from the zip lock plastic bag until it has had time to acclimatize to the humid environment. The colder that your equipment gets before entering the building, the longer it will have to acclimatize in the bag before being removed.

Please be respectful and considerate of other photographers during the outing. Be aware to not position yourself or your gear in another person’s background. Allow others opportunity to photograph a subject by not hijacking a particular butterfly. There are over 2000 butterflies within the Conservatory so there will be plenty of opportunities for all of us.

Don’t be shy to ask an experienced member for help on photographing or composing a subject. Outings are intended to educate and help those who wish to learn more about our hobby.

Above all have fun!

Dave Lindey