Nov 19, 2015

Street Photography Outing

If you are interested in trying your hand at some Street Photography, join us for a photo-walk in downtown St. Catharines on Saturday November 28, 2015 at 8:30 am. We will meet-up at the corner of Ontario St. and St. Paul St. E. Park wherever you can find a spot. Parking may be limited and there may be a charge to park in some locations so consider travelling in groups and carpooling.

There is no formal subject matter for the photo walk however I challenge you to take at least 10 different images with the same focal length of your choice. You can use a prime lens or a zoom lens set to a fixed focal length for at least 10 of your images. This will force you to "compose with your feet". Also try a variety of apertures to demonstrate how the depth of field is affected. Please feel free to share your creative genius by posting on the club Facebook site. When you post, tell us  what you shot, the focal length you used, and why you chose the subject and composition.

If you are planning to attend please send me an email so that we will wait for you at the meeting location before we start the photo-walk.

We look forward to you participating.

Dave Lindey - Outings

Sep 8, 2015


(Updated 3 October 2015)

Shorthills and the surrounding Niagara Escarpment are beautiful to photograph this time of the year!  I am once again going to be running a twice-weekly photo meet-up and walk in the various scenic areas around Shorthills Provincial Park and the Niagara Escarpment during the Fall 2015 photography season.  We will be offering a wide range of tours this year, from easy to challenging, tailored to the group's wide range of abilities and fitness.   We will be shooting beautiful fall landscapes, wildlife and, hopefully, lots of colour.  I guarantee that you will discover many interesting spots and subjects that you would never otherwise find on your own.  This year, we have some special mid-October waterfall shoots planned in and around Hamilton on the two most likely colour weekends.  Hopefully, we will see some members up from the South Towns Club for some friendly, competitive shooting.  

Come and join in on the fun!  Tentatively, rain-or-shine hikes will be held on each Tuesday evening commencing at 6:00pm sharp (slightly earlier as we approach Oct 31st) as long as the light is good and it is not pouring rain, and each Saturday morning (until Nov 28th) commencing at 9:00 am sharp as long as it is not pouring rain.  Don't let cloudy or stormy weather be a deterrent.  Those are often the best days to shoot fall colours and waterfalls.  

Here is my tentative calendar of events (be sure to check the Welland Camera Club Events Blog each week as dates draw near, since weather conditions and last minute changes are inevitable:

Date            Time          Activity                         Rating                   Meeting Spot

Sep 12        9:00am        First of fall                      moderate               Mewburn Road Railway Bridge, Niagara Falls (dead end at Laura Secord Trailhead),   
Sep 15        6:00pm        Woodend ponds            moderate               Woodend Conservation Area (outer entrance)
Sep 19        9:00am        Canal colours                 moderate               Welland Canal access road and Holland Road, north of Allanburg bridge on Hwy20 
Sep 22        6:00pm        Big Bucks                      easy                       Shorthills, Wiley Road entrance
Sep 26        9:00am        Rockway Falls Gorge    moderate                Rockway Community Centre Lot, 8th Avenue, Jordan
Sep 29        5:45pm        Secret Sunset & Falls    moderate                Shorthills, Wiley Road Entrance
Oct 03        9:00am        Old locks & reservoir    moderate                Old Lakeview Cemetery, Townline Road, Thorold (west of the Walker Bros quarry yard)
Oct 06        5:45pm        Big Bucks II                  easy                       St. John's Outdoor Centre, Holland Road
Oct 10        9:00am        Hamilton Waterfalls I      moderate               Devil's Punchbowl Lot, Ridge Road at Centennial Parkway, Stoney Creek
Oct 13        5:45pm        Secret stream                 moderate               Daboll farm, 1991 Hansler Street, Pelham 
Oct 17        9:00am        Hamilton Waterfalls II    moderate               Smoky Hollow Falls Parking Lot, Mill St, Waterdown
Oct 20        5:30pm        Canal Sunset                  easy                      Welland Canal access road and Holland Road, north of Allanburg bridge on Hwy20
Oct 24        9:00am        Secret Fall Waterfalls     strenuous               Shorthills, Wiley Road Entrance
Oct 27        5:30pm        Lake Gibson Sunset       easy                      Morningstar Mill parking lot, Decew Road 
Oct 31        9:00am        Final Fall Colours           moderate               St. John's Outdoor Centre, Holland Road              
Nov 07       9:00am        Decew Falls challenge    strenuous               Morningstar Mill parking lot, Decew Road 
Nov 14       9:00am        Woodend Cliffs              moderate              Woodend Conservation Area,  
Nov 21       9:00am        The Pipeline                   strenuous                Lions Club Parking Lot, Hwy 20, Fonthill 
Nov 28       9:00am        Niagara Glen trails          moderate              Glen trails parking lot, (Niagara Parkway lot by spiral staircase)  

As always (especially for the moderate and strenuous hikes) good water-resistant hiking boots are a must.  It is always advisable to carry a small backpack with a drink, a snack, spare socks/gloves, and a few first aid items. 
Feel free to email me anytime at to receive any updated information and intel.   

I hope to see everyone out to at least a  few sessions!  

Aug 10, 2015

Central Adirondacks Fall Photo Tour

I am planning a Photo Tour to the Central Adirondacks in the late fall 2015 for members of the Welland and St. Catharines Photo Clubs. I am working on accommodations options to obtain the best price and venue for our group but before going any further with arrangements I would like to know if you are interested in such a tour. You will be responsible for your own expenses. The proposed dates of the tour will be Friday October 23 through October 25 inclusive.

Fall colours are past prime at this time however there will still be some hardwood colour and the Tamaracks will exhibit golden yellow hues. This is truly a fascinating region that has yet to disappoint with its photographic opportunities. Wildlife photography should be a possibility highlighted by deer, bear, fox, beaver, otter and some moose. Landscapes will be more open with the falling of the foliage.

If you are interested please send me an email ASAP but before August 26. I will be out of the country from September 17 through October 10 and I would like to firm up the plan and accommodations before I leave.

Please contact me at if you are interested.


Dave Lindey

Jun 16, 2015

Welland Camera Club - Off-season Photo Gatherings

Welland Camera Club – Off-Season Photo Gatherings

If you have an interest in joining me at any of the following Photo gatherings please send me an email at

13th Annual Downtown Classic Car Show
Saturday July 4, 2015 - Downtown St. Catharines, ON
Meet at the corner of St. Paul and Ontario Streets at 8:00 am
See the following for details!

CMRC MotoCross Racing
Gopher Dunes – Courtland, ON
Sunday. July 12, 2015
Meet at the Vineland Car Pool Lot at 6:30 am

Photo Walk & Scavenger Hunt - Niagara-on-the-Lake
Saturday July 18, 2018 – 9:00 am
Meet @ the Corner in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel
Lunch at ‘The Harp” at noon for those interested.

CMRC Motocross Racing
Walton Raceway – Walton, ON
Sunday August 16, 2015
Meet at the Vineland Car Pool Lot at 6:30 am

ADK Fall Photo Tour
Oct. 23 – 25, 2015 – Inlet, NY
If you have an interest in joining us in this enchanting location please send an email to

Stay tuned for details

Please note - You don't have to be a Welland Camera Club Member to join us. My prediction is that if you do take part you will soon become a member!

Apr 30, 2015

Impromtu Spring Flower Outing

 I am planning on going to Shorthills PP on Saturday May 2 to shoot wild flowers and water scenes. Things are really starting to green-up so the steams and waterscapes are beginning to get interesting. I will start at the Roland Rd entrance and may venture around to Wylie Rd. I am planning on going rain or shine and will start out on the trail at 7:00 am. I know its a bit early but that is when the light is better. Anyone interested in joining me is welcome to tag along. If you are planning to come please send me an email so that I wait for you before heading out on the trail.

Dave Lindey

Apr 24, 2015

UPDATE - April 25 Spring Wild Flowers Outing - Louth CA

For those who were not at the Welland Camera Club Meeting on Wed. April 22, please note that our Spring Wild Flowers Outing on Saturday April 25 will be at Louth Conservation Area.

Louth Conservation Area. Meet at the Staff Rd. Parking Lot at 8:00 am. The spring flowers have been getting better on a daily basis the past 2 weeks. We will also have opportunities for forest scenes and try some long exposure water-scapes along Sixteen Mile Creek. Depending on conditions we may try creating a time lapse sequence for those interested.

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.1216
Longitude -79.3512

Please send me an email at if you are intending on coming so that we look for you in the parking area.

See you then.

Dave Lindey - Outings

Apr 9, 2015

Spring Wildflowers Outings – April 2015

It’s that time of the year again when spring Wildflowers are starting to emerge from the long winter sleep. You are welcome to join me in search of spring beauties in local known locations with possible opportunities to add to your Nature-Botany and Nature-General portfolios.

The following is our intended schedule which may be subject to change depending upon what is reported to be blooming … when and where:

Sunday April 12, 2015 – Louth Conservation Area. Meet at the Staff Rd. Parking Lot at 8:00 am. It may be a bit early in the season however if the flowers aren't cooperating we will search out forest scenes and try some long exposure water-scapes along Sixteen Mile Creek. Depending on conditions we may try creating a time lapse sequence for those interested.

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.1216
Longitude -79.3512

Saturday April 18, 2015 - Shorthills Provincial Park. Meet at the Rolland Rd. entrance at 8:00 am. Always a great spot for early spring wildflowers and of course water scenes.

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.09079
Longitude -79.304928

Saturday April 25, 2015 – Woodend Conservation Area. Meet at the parking lot off of Taylor Rd. at 8:00 am. Always a great spot for early spring wildflowers and of course water scenes. Great Hiking trails meander through the meadow and escarpment forest and slope. The forest community is composed largely of hardwood species with scattered representatives of Carolinian species such as black cherry, black oak and paw paw.
This area is a perfect venue for passerine birds, and a historic limestone kiln reminds of this historic site’s link to the past.
For those interested in trying their hand at making Infrared images using a converted digital camera, I will have a few converted infrared Nikon camera bodies on hand. Bring your own lens and a CF memory card.

NOTE: There is a notice posted by the NPCA that Woodend Conservation Area will have temporary blocked trails and limited usage for the immediate and indefinite future while construction of new facilities is being completed. We will monitor this and possibly change the venue to another location.

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude 43.1433
Longitude -79.1673

Please keep an eye on the Blog for updates.

If you are planning on joining us, please send me an email at

Looking forward to making some great nature images and sharing.

Dave Lindey - Outings

Mar 31, 2015

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, and Other Stuff

Brenda Dennis has arranged for the club to visit Vermeers Garden Center on Thorold Rd in Welland, Sat. Apr. 11. We will meet at 9:00 am. There are several varieties of flowers and props to photograph. There is always something interesting to photograph. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Feb 25, 2015

WCC - Niagara Butterfly Conservatory Outing Update

All is set for our visit to the Butterfly Conservatory on Saturday Feb. 28, 2015. We have exclusive access to the facility from 8:00 am until 10:00 am. During this time you can use your tripods. At 10:00 am the Conservatory opens to the general public and they ask that we put our tripods away. We are welcome to spend the day at the conservatory however.

We ill meet in behind the main conservatory parking area. This area is designated ast the Buses and Overflow Parking Area. We will meet in this parking lot at 7:45 am SHARP as we will be brought into the Conservatory together as a group.

The Conservatory is very humid so you should talk a few precautions to prevent your lenses from fogging. Limit the amount of time that your camera bag is in the cold. Keep it sheltered in your warm vehicle for as long as possible before entering the building. It is good practice to wrap or pack your lenses and camera body in zip lock plastic bags before putting them in your camera bag. When you get inside of the conservatory, open your camera bag but do not remove the camera or lenses from the zip lock plastic bag until it has had time to acclimatize to the humid environment. The colder that your equipment gets before entering the building, the longer it will have to acclimatize in the bag before being removed.

Please be respectful of other photographers during the outing. Be aware to not position yourself or your gear in another persons background. Allow others opportunity to photograph a subject by not hijacking a particular butterfly. There are over 2000 butterflies within the Conservatory so there will be plenty of opportunities for all of us.

Don’t be shy to ask an experienced member for help on photographing or composing a subject. Outings are intended to educate and help those who wish to learn more about our hobby.

Above all have fun!

See you on Saturday.

Dave Lindey


Feb 19, 2015

Hamilton Waterfalls Update

Hello Folks:

You are receiving this email because you have signed up for our Hamilton Waterfalls Outing.

The weather forecast for out waterfalls outing in Hamilton/Ancaster looks promising. The forecast is
not indicating any early sunlight so there will be no advantage to get started too early.

I plan to drive myself. If you would like a ride or to caravan together we will meet at the QEW Car Pool
parking lot in Vineland (Victoria Ave) and plan to leave the lot at 6:45 sharp! This will put us at our first
location at 7:45 am.

We will visit Tiffany Falls first and then take the short drive to Sherman Falls after 2 to 2-1/2 hrs.

If you are planning to drive directly yourself, lets plan to meet at the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area
Parking lot on the side of Wilson St. East, Ancaster for 7:45 am. Please make sure you have coins handy (Loonies / Toonies)
as we need to pay for parking at this location. There is an automated parking kiosk at the trail head.
Two hours is more than enough time at this spot. Total cost for 2 hours of parking is in the order of 
$3 to $4.

These falls will either be iced over providing for interesting frozen compositions and the possibility of ice
climbers. The trail is easy and about 5 minutes from the parking area. Wide angle, macro and telephoto
lenses will serve you well. When I last shot this location on Feb. 8 these falls were totally iced over and the
ice climbers were out in force making for some very interesting action images.

We will then travel the 2-3 km to Sherman Falls. You can literally see these falls from the road where
we park. The trail again is easy and is about a 2 minute hike. There is a greater possibility that these falls
will have flowing water. These falls offer both wide view and tight / interesting / detailed compositions.
Ultra wide angle to telephoto lenses are in order.

Tiffany Falls
GPS Coordinates - 43.2382 N / 79.9581 W

Tiffany Falls Conservation Parking Area is located at 921 Wilson St. E Ancaster

Directions to Tiffany Falls CA:
1.     Queen Elizabeth Way
2.     Take exit 88-89 for Red Hill Valley Parkway toward Centennial Parkway/Ontaria 20
3.     Keep right, follow signs for Red Hill Valley Parkway
4.     Continue onto Red Hill Valley Pkwy S
5.     Continue onto Lincoln M. Alexander Pkwy W
6.     Take the exit on the left toward Rousseaux Street
7.     Rousseaux becomes Mohawk
8.     Turn right onto Wilson St E
9.     Tiffany Falls Conservation Area Parking is on the right hand side approx. 1 km after turning
Right on Wilson St. E.

Sherman Falls

GPS Coordinates - 43.2381 N / 79.9729 W

Directions to Sherman Falls from Tiffany Falls CA:

1.     Head west on Wilson St E
2.     Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Montgomery Dr
3.     Turn left onto Old Dundas Rd (signs for The Ancaster Old Mill)
4.     Turn right onto Millcreek Ct
5.     Park on side of road.

There is a small sign at the road side at this location indicating “Sherman Falls” and the Bruce Trail.

NOTE: The trail to these falls is part of the Bruce Trail and is on private land. The owners have allowed
public access to this trail and these falls. Please respect this agreement by observing posted signs regarding
the use of this land.

Please be sure to dress warm and in layers.

Looking forward to seeing you there and an awesome outing!

Feb 4, 2015

February Outings - Sign-up Now

We have 2 exciting outings schedule in February.

Hamilton Area Waterfalls

Saturday Feb. 21, 2015

We will be visiting 2 easily accessible and beautiful waterfalls in the Dundas-Ancaster-Hamilton Area. We will first visit Sherman Falls to take advantage of the lovely morning light. We will next travel to Tiffany Falls where we will have an opportunity to photograph the open water or perhaps Ice Climbers scaling the falls.

There is a small fee for Parking at Tiffany Falls.

The walk to each waterfalls is very easy to moderate.

We will plan to start shooting at 8:00 am sharp. 

Sign-up sheets will be available at the next 2 regular club meetings or contact me if you would like to attend.

Butterfly Conservatory

Saturday February 28, 2015.

We will again visit the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. Our group will be allowed exclusive early access with full use of our tripods for 2 hours before the doors are opened to the public. We must have a minimum of 20 participants.

Cost is $15.00 per person. Please bring your fee to the next club meeting.